I've always struggled with what to wear running in winter. Whether to bring out the full tracksuit, full length tights or the shorts and jacket option. 

For the running I do which is a maximum of 3 hours. But mostly in the 90 minute range I've had great success wearing a Merino under layer and a very light windproof vest or jacket on top. Gloves and Beanie are optional and if it's under 3 degrees you can bet your bottom dollar i'm rocking the full length tight. 

If it's wet, chances are you are going to just get wet. There is definitely a time and place for the seam-sealed jackets. (I'll put together another blog on those). However if it's raining cats and dogs my feeling is stay warm and keep the wind off your chest. If you get wet, thats okay. Just make sure the high chaffing areas are well looked after. 

You can check out our great range of Mons Royale Merino Clothing here. 
Mons Royale is a Wanaka based company who makes Cycling, Snow and Running Apparel. Heading into our 3rd season with them the product continues to get better and better. With the latest range being a great mix of practical clothing and commercial colour ways. 

Other Reasons why Merino is good..

1. Doesn't get to smelly

2. Helps regulate body temperature in both warm and cool environments

3. Lasts a long time


Enjoy your winter Running 


March 20, 2019 — Oska Baynes

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