We've always tried to deliver service like no one else can. 

For the last 6 months (in a testing beta version) we have had Loren Abel from Sportmed Podiatry work in their in store clinic here on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday morning.

Having our exclusive Running Lab, with dual camera filming and Silicon Coach analysis we can pin point almost any issue and come up with a plan and with the ability to make, change and alter Orthotics on site we can fit everything in one go.

Creating a great environment of passionate professionals. 

To book in to the "Running Clinic" Call Sportsmed (03 366 0620) and ask to be booked in to the Colombo Clinic. 

"From general podiatry treatment, paediatric foot conditions, to advanced running (gait) analysis, our professional team can help out"

If you are having problems with shoes and/or feet be sure to book in to get it sorted before summer starts. 




November 12, 2019 — Oska Baynes