Run Club 2022
The 2022 Summer Run Club starts on the 25th of January.
Every Tuesday night up until the week of Christchurch Marathon. This year we have some great supporting partners in the City 2 Surf, Christchurch Marathon, Hoka and Coros.
The Run Club is an inclusive group, full of characters and featuring people of all abilities. Runs are done on time and everyone is encouraged to "Buddy Up" with someone who is similar in ability. That way no runner gets left behind.
The Run Club is free, and lead by our coaches. 
Start time is always 6pm on a Tuesday evening and for the first few weeks we will meet and finish at the shop. The runs are generally 30-45 minutes long and last year we have 4 or 5 different pace groups from 4:30 to a walk/run group. 
This year we will also have group 2XU T-Shirts available to pre order for week 3. These will be available to purchase via the website. 
So bring a friend, join the group and make sure no runner is left behind
Remember to join the free facebook group to make sure you know what's happening!