Osmo Actute Recovery for Women

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By Osmo

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The Acute Recovery mix contains a unique combination of protein, carbs, and caffeine to enable muscle repair while boosting glycogen replacement. The small amount of caffeine in conjunction with carbs and protein has been shown to accelerate glycogen replacement by 66% over carbs and protein alone.


Acute Recovery is formulated to make the most of your workout while rehydrating and nurturing your body. Acute Recovery Optimized for Women is an enhanced formula that reduces the inhibiting effects of progesterone and estrogen on muscle repair and glycogen restoration for a better recovery.


Acute Recovery is designed to maximize the effects of your workout and nurture your body, providing better recovery throughout your cycle.

  • Accelerates glycogen restoration
  • Enables muscle repair
  • Helps body adapt to exercise and become stronger over time


Drink Acute Recovery within 30 minutes of finishing exercise to maximize the benefits of your workout and nurture your body. Mix it up with water or your choice of milk (including chocolate!) for a delicious recovery drink. Relax and enjoy.