PTP R4 Mini Roller

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The PTP Fascial Release Roller is designed to relieve muscle tension, improve joint mobility and fast-track recovery. The exercises included showcase various ways to use your Fascial Release Roller as a workout tool to enhance your body strength and toning. You will learn how to isolate muscles, such as the back, glutes, adductors, hamstrings, calves, quads and hips. Using the Self-Myofascial Release technique and your own body weight, you will be able to activate your blood circulation and break up your scar tissue and adhesions between your skin, muscles and bones. 

- For muscle tension relief, recovery and body strength & toning

- Superior traction with special grid pattern

- Extremely lightweight and portable to use anywhere

- Made from high-density EVA that regains its shape post-compression

- Over 40 exercises designed by a Movement Therapist to develop strength and toning

- Stretching strap included to increase your flexibility