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PTP X Roller
PTP X Roller
PTP X Roller

PTP X Roller

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    Relieve muscle tension in your back, calves, quadriceps, TFLs, glutes and hamstrings and recover faster with the PTP XRoller. Thanks to its hard hollow core, the XRoller provides a firm tissue massage that is ideal to roll both small and large muscle groups. The unique EVA surface area features ridges and diamond-shaped 3D patterns that recreate the sensations from the pressure of fingers and palms applied by massage therapists. Built to last, the XRoller can withstand repetitive use without losing its shape.

    - Effective Self-Myofascial Release tool

    - Unique massage surface area for palm & finger-like pressure

    - Stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles and improves joint mobility

    - Ideal to relieve nagging pains in the upper and lower back, adductors, TFLs, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps.

    - Includes a range of exercises carefully designed by a Movement Therapist (over 30 in total)

    - Raises awareness of muscle imbalances to correct the body’s alignment and reduce the chance of recurring injury.

    - Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable

  • Sizes are always an issue, all sizes displayed on the website are in US size, with the Exception of La Sportiva which is in Euro.. We have taken the best guess at trying to make it as easy as possible.. If you do choose the wrong size we will send out the correct size at no charge to you. colombo@thefrontrunner.co.nz
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