Why do we run?  

When I was aged 10-12, at our school sports day, we had fun doing running, throwing and jumping events. I was not tall or strong, but I was a good runner, I enjoyed soccer too.

The sports day race I was good at was called the shoe scramble. The kids all the same age would put their shoes into a pile in the centre circle of the soccer field and we would line up on the goal line.

GO!  we ran to the shoe pile and found our shoes, put them on and tied the laces then sprinted back to the goal line. And if you are wondering, it was before Velcro.

I won a first place blue ribbon.

Winning at something you are good at, and enjoy, is motivating.

When I was twelve, I joined the local track and field club. A girl I liked had also joined. I was now exposed to a group of people doing the same thing I liked doing. We were good enough to go to competitions on the track and cross country. Even trips out of the province to compete.

Friendships grew strong in this running club. Girls and Boys.

My parents were very supportive of my sport experience. The adults who were our coaches in the athletic club had a great influence on my ambition to run. They were generous with their time, inspiring, and  they almost became a second family to many of us.

Accomplishments and rewards shared with peers and family.

Many runners have won scholarships to colleges and universities. Running events are popular around the world and those with the ability or desire to compete and participate in these events gain great experiences.

Running is a means to education and travel.  

Running can enhance one’s speed, endurance, strength, stamina, will power, and determination. Training your body to run efficiently and effectively in groups or on your own will test the your tolerance to physical and mental stress.

Sharing and learning from the passion of running.

Understanding your body.

Events that are based on running have great social and monetary or material prizes.

The Guinness Book of World Records Wheel Barrow race is one.  Two runners alternate each 400 metres pushing their partner in a wheelbarrow for one mile. I had the fantastic fun winning this race 3 times.  The social fun was exceptional too.

After a running event the cheers and commiserations of all the participants is a special prize.

It creates repeat participation.

It doesn’t surprise me how popular running is. It is easy to do. You can do it anywhere, anytime.  This popularity has spawned innovation of shoes, clothing and accessories.

It has created material abundance. Running has inspired creators to produce products that protect, enhance, record, comfort, repair and fuel the runners of today.

Running is an historical human story. From the desert of the Kalahari , to the streets of our great cities and the challenging mountains of the world.

We have over 120 years, events that highlight the exceptional runners of our times.

Watching the legends of each generation creating running recordson the track, the road and the mountains.

Recognition of the abilities of runners.

I can say I’m lucky to have experienced most of the above. I will touch on other running experiences next time.

Why do we run?

Why do you run?

March 09, 2024 — John Coates

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