Person - Opportunity


We often look from now till then. Planning is done from today to tomorrow. But what if tomorrow is relying on what yesterday did. Am I giving future me an opportunity?
October 16, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Person - Community Project - Lead by Lynette

Community Project - Lead by Lynette

Hi, Lynette here.

I trust you have all enjoyed the lockdown sunshine; stopped to take a deep breath, enjoyed the birdsong, and said hello to many strangers while out and about like I have. 
I thought it would be nice to take the time to explain something I’ve been passionate about and have been doing for over four years with the wonderful support of the Front Runner team. 
I started up a small initiative of gathering up old running/sport shoes for Kids in Need. These are children from ten decile one schools, two High Schools and one Special School. 
A lot of these children don’t own a closed-in shoe for winter, have never had a sports shoe, or are wearing shoes two sizes too small!!  
It all began when I noticed I had five old pairs of running shoes sitting in the garage for gardening shoes. 
As you are all aware, our running shoes do have a lifespan for each individual. We then pop them aside and buy a new pair. 
Roll on four years and I have supplied these kids in need with over 2500 pairs of shoes, kindly gifted by our Front Runner community. 
I asked the Principal who facilities the giving of the shoes if she was “over“ me dropping them off to her. Her answer was ‘we can never have enough as we run out every time 
I wanted to continue to drive this wee project of mine so Oska and I are now looking at ways to expand this within our community.
So my big ask, while you’re still in your bubbles and have time to spring clean - grab those unwanted spare running/sport shoes (kids ones as well, as they are really needed) and drop them off in-store when we open back up. I’ll give them a clean and a sort, then drop them all off to the kids in need.
Believe me, a small gift of giving a pair of shoes makes you feel very humbled.
Take care and see you in-store soon 
Lynette xx

August 28, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Wood - JC's Thoughts.

JC's Thoughts.

Greetings sports fans. We have been lucky weather-wise here in Christchurch over the last 5 days, being able to get outside for our mental and physical health. If you live near the hills, beach or parks especially good. For me being able to put my shoes on and run around the river here in Cashmere for 30 minutes a day has been good for my heart and head. I can run by my grandson's house and wave and say gidday, not quite the same as a hug, but maybe next week. I'm feeling fit and healthy.

My run along the river through the trees, lots of bird song,  on the dirt track and along the grass park near Hero's, lots of walkers and buggy pushing parents is nice to see, it's still disconcerting to notice the hint of fear in the masked ones, as I pass 2 meters apart. 

Oska has said to me he has been busy at the shop filling shoe orders all week. Great to be of service to you all. It's a bit lonely tho. I sure miss the time in the shop the last two weeks with Lynette, Sam, Tom, Kat, Judd, and Bailey being able to help my fellow runners, multi/sporters, walkers, and special customers get the best shoes possible for their endeavors. So my Mondays and Fridays have been filled with some spring cleaning around the house, reading, and watching La Vuelta on the tube.

I hope, shall i say, more relaxed guidance for our lives is forthcoming, so we can meet face to face to chat about our running dreams and goals at the Frontrunner Colombo.

August 27, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Nature - Sam's Trail Blog #2 Hidden Gems

Sam's Trail Blog #2 Hidden Gems

Today's Topic: Hidden Gems
These are short trails that provide plenty of bang for buck. Short enough that you could squeeze them in before or after work or you could connect them into your weekend long run. They are also reasonably technical and steep in parts- ideal training for events like the Mt Somers, Mt Oxford, Mt Difficulty, Motatapu Ultra, Shotover Moonlight events, and practicing becoming proficient on technical terrain for events such as the Mountain Run at Coast to Coast or Ring of Fire.
#1) The Ridge up Linda Woods Reserve.
From the carpark off Port Hills Road (between Duncan Park and a wetland) go through a pedestrian gate and pick up a trail that does a short zigzag to gain the bottom of the ridge. From here it's all up! The first km will see you climb steadily through a couple of gates, horse paddocks and past the power pylon into Linda Woods Reserve. The next section to the top is where the magic happens. Rocky (some of it loose) single track, mostly steep on or just below the ridgeline. It flattens off just before the top, the summit itself is nondescript and opens out into tussock and grassland. Just 2.2km to the top but around 400m of climbing, I recommend doing the gentler few hundred meters past the summit down to the summit rd/crater rim trail to bump the return trip up to 5km and you'll see how to link this into future long runs. 
What goes up must come down and now you've got to plummet back down to the carpark. For this trail and terrain, I'd recommend trail shoes with great grip on rock and durability. I'm thinking that the Kaptiva and Bushido from La Sportiva as well as the Topo Mountain Racer are ideal here.
#2) Dry Bush/Gorge track to the shelter
From the end of Albert terrace, there is a 1.5km trail through the valley between Huntsbury and Mt Vernon. Throw your min/km expectations out the door. This is no highway, the trail is technical and narrow in spots, be prepared for wet feet if it has been raining too. This may only be short but within a couple of minutes, you won't even remember you're in a city. Almost immediately you enter a forested gorge crossing the creek a few times, traversing fallen logs, and clambering around rocks before the track opens out to tussock, can you spot the shelter above the valley in the distance? From the shelter, you can return the way you come or you have options to cross the stile below you and then follow a trail up to where Huntsbury Ave ends; pick up a trail from the shelter that leads back to the farm track; or you can continue up the valley you're in, often faint/untracked, to join the Summit Road where it meets the top of Huntsbury 4wd track. Good trail shoes are recommended, especially if it has been wet. Think Hoka Speedgoat, Asics Trabuco, Saucony Peregrine.
#3) Lava Flow
One of my favorite technical and steep trails. This is actually a downhill mtb track so keep your eyes and ears peeled and give way to any mountain bikers crazy enough to come down here. From the end of Bowenvale ave, you have 1.6km of warmup on the wide dual-use trail along the bottom of the valley climbing steadily. You'll pass over 3 wooden bridges in short succession, directly after the 3rd pick up the faint trail on your left. This is getting a bit overgrown and not being maintained at the moment- this also means there are no bikes through this section. Follow this trail up until you cross a stile and rejoin the mountain bike trail. The climb becomes steep in parts with a couple of decent bits of clambering and the top 1/3rd becomes increasingly exposed and gnarly volcanic rock. This top section, where it is less steep but still technical, is especially good for repetitions training for technical trail events. You'll intersect the Bowenvale traverse mountain bike trail just below the Summit Road with the option to return the way you came or head down the Zigzag or Elevator for a less technical descent. If you are looking at doing these trails with lots of exposed volcanic rock often I'd recommend durable trail shoes like the Kaptiva and Bushido from La Sportiva or Topo Mountain Racer.
Enjoy team!
August 26, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Person - Kat's Self Maintenance Routine

Kat's Self Maintenance Routine

Hi guys Kat here :) 

With all this spare time on your hands you now have NO excuse for skipping that recovery routine!
I will share my go-to routine for you to take ideas from (or just copy!)

You will need:
• Mat
• Foam Roller - all over muscle loosener
• Spikey Ball - fantastic for specific spots
• Winning attitude 😁

These exercises I like to do post run but you could also do them as part of your pre run routine as well.

1. Foam roller: each muscle group do 20-30seconds
-Calves, hamstrings, quads, ITB, lower back and upper back. I like to lay over the foam roller through my upper back for a good stretch!

2. Spikey Ball: Each section do 10- 20 seconds
-Glute max, Glute med and Piriformis.
-Proximal (upper) Hamstring attachment where it meets the Glute.
-TFL (muscle belly to the ITB) which can be located laterally to the hip bone.
Rhomboids (between the shoulder blades)

3. Stretches - hold 20-30 seconds 

Lower back - child's pose and thread the needle.
Person - Kat's Self Maintenance Routine

adductors (butterfly stretch)

Hamstrings, quads, glutes/hips

Person - Kat's Self Maintenance Routine
I have recorded these exercises in a neat little video for you on my instagram (@ktbugz14) if you would like demonstrations or to follow along!

Remember results come with consistency so it will take time- but stick it out and let me know how you are feeling in a week or so!

Good luck and have fun!

August 25, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Shorts - Sam's Favourite Trails

Sam's Favourite Trails

Hi team, Sam here from Frontrunner Colombo coming at you from Lockdown 2021 with Top 3's Trail Blog. Here are some of my favourite trails around Christchurch that you may not have done and that we can all look forward to.
August 24, 2021 — Oska Baynes

Our favourites in each category this Season!

The second half of the year is in full swing and with that comes some big updates from our major running brands.
July 26, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Person - De-load, to Reload and Refocus   

De-load, to Reload and Refocus   

Running is something I do, not who I am. It's how I express myself and I do it because it makes me the best version of myself.

I get asked a-lot about how we choose events, train for them and keep myself motivated and dedicated. 

The truth is, these things aren't always easy. In fact I think if you asked most athletes they would have some of these conversations 10 times over with themselves most days.  

June 28, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Person - Picking your next Trail Shoes? Here's what to look for.

Picking your next Trail Shoes? Here's what to look for.

Trail shoes in my eyes are protecting you from the environment you find yourself in. Whether that is surface, ascent or descent, potential sharp objects, low lying branches and the weather.
April 15, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Person - Goal Setting - Let's get away from a pass or fail mentality

Goal Setting - Let's get away from a pass or fail mentality

Plan, plan, and plan. Your body feels all stress as stress. If you are stressed about getting there, warming up, without a plan, you are wasting precious stress reserves. 
March 29, 2021 — Oska Baynes
Text - The Self Belief Continuum

The Self Belief Continuum

So how do we create self-belief? One that's so unbreakable, when shit is well and truly hitting the fan, it's rock solid. When every part of your brain and body is telling you to lie down and do nothing, you keep going? 

June 23, 2020 — Oska Baynes
Clothing - Infinite Run Project is Launced

Infinite Run Project is Launced

A Christchurch owned apparel label where 100% of the profit goes to funding our local athletes, particularly runners.

January 2020 sees the launch of the first branded cap. The IRP logo was designed and created by Judd. 

January 22, 2020 — Oska Baynes