My goodness, what a year we have had. What a year we have all had. 
After 8 years of crouching down and tieing shoelaces while listening to people's dreams, goals, and aspirations I am still amazed at the lengths we go to satisfy the itch of personal success. 

From someone wanting to run their first Parkrun or the next person running another 100-mile race. Recovering from an injury, losing weight, getting fresh air, clearing a mind or walking the length of New Zealand. We've had it all. Although all these goals are the same but also different in terms of relativeness to individual abilities, the common denominator is always the desire to do your best. 

I often find it contagious, the desire that is. It can flow from one person to the next, feeding the store's atmosphere, propping up the next person if they aren't having such a good day. It even rubs off on us. We can take it from one client to the next. For that, I would like to thank every single person who walked in and decided to support us. It's not only us you support but the community we build around a pair of shoes.

It's been a big year in shoes, with customers' feet talking. Big brands finally listening to our demands and others not. Both Marathon world records fell and Carbonfibre shoes are set to fill the shelves of 2020. 

We sponsored as many events and races as we could. Being involved at the grassroots has always, and will always be a priority of mine. So to the race directors, organizing committees, volunteers and participants thank you for allowing us to be involved. 

Katherine Camp joined us in-store as Back on Track Massage, SportsMed Podiatry opened a satellite clinic and we hosted 6 in-store events. Getting our trusted specialists in front of the public. Making sure quality information was accessible to everyone. 

We finished our third year in business and started the 4th. I owe a great deal of that to the team, our referrers and of course you guys who support us every day. 

Have you got a goal for 2020? Come on down and write it on the wall. We'd love to know what next year looks like for you. 

So as we tick down the final hours of 2019 here's my challenge to everyone for next year.
Be your best and bring others up with you. Chase dreams and motivate those around you. Train when you can, rest when you have too but never give up. 

As always we are here when you need us. 

Team Frontrunner



December 31, 2019 — Oska Baynes

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