Once again it is looking like another disrupted year.  I get asked a-lot about how we choose events, train for them and keep myself motivated and dedicated. 

The truth is, these things aren't always easy. In fact I think if you asked most athletes they would have some of these conversations 10 times over with themselves most days.  

So I thought I'd share what some of these reflecting and planning sessions look for me. If you are struggling to keep it going, or get started I highly recommend giving yourself and opportunity to write it down like this.


The primary goal 1. – Christchurch Half Marathon – Achieved
Executed to perfection - 12 weeks of some of the best training in my life

The primary goal 2 – Melbourne Marathon – too risky at this time. I don’t feel it is in the best interests of my mental health, family, and business to risk getting stuck over there

Secondary goal 1 – Wellington Half Marathon- Disappointed it didn’t go ahead but the heart was never in it. Why?

 Secondary goal 2 – NZ Road 10km Championships – Refocus and find enjoyment + structures

Secondary goal 3 – NZ Half Marathon Championships – favorite distance but what’s my motivation

Secondary goal 4 – NZ Road Relays – for the lads

End of year goal 10,000m on the track. How fast can we go?

How to get from where I am now to where I need to be to perform.

 What’s holding me back Mentally/Emotionally?


  1. Feel stale in processes
  2. Need a shake-up
  3. New Stimulus
  4. Mental fatigue from work
  5. Work/Life/Training Balance needs to be realigned

What’s holding me back physically

  1. No real injuries
  2. Feeling rushed and restricted in my stride. Why?
  3. Need to work on ankle and hip ROM
  4. Need to implement morning ROM structures pre-run as feeling too tired by the end of the day.
  5. Sleeping health could be better.

 What Now (3 Rs)

  1. Rest – Take a few days
  2. Revaluate – Right down thoughts
  3. Refocus – Don’t rush

Training work on

  1. Look back on the reverse periodisation
    1. Go back to basics and tick foundational boxes. Every session has a purpose. Every session in it’s correct zone
  2. Ankle, Hip, lower back, upper back mobility, and stability
    1. Re Youtube video
  3. More power in stride
    1. Hill bounds?
    2. Gym
  4. Swimming
    1. Crucial for lungs and recovery
  5. Get more comfortable at sub 3. Feel like we have come a long way redeveloping the top end speed
  6. Little more fuel before training. Adding early morning Carbs to help mid-morning slump and keep stress hormones responses down

 Work, work on

  1. Leave work at work
  2. Find a way to destress without holding it in
  3. Clear boundaries on off days
  4. Clear boundaries for break time

 Home, work on

  1. Be more organised with lunch, washing, pre-pack bags, etc
  2. Sleep before 9:30
  3. Utilise time better
  4. Communicate with Katy on what I need on the hard days

 Mindset shift

  1. Remember Why
  2. Cut me some slack
  3. Acknowledging when it gets hard but not letting it bring me unstuck. Go back to why is it hard, what needs to change to make it easier. Back to our process and structures.
  4. Establish a consistently achievable routine
  5. I need a clear and unscrambled mind to perform at my best on event day
    1. Acknowledge feelings
    2. Let stress wash over
    3. Be open and honest on timelines
    4. Say no when I need to


I do it because I enjoy it, not because it is a chore. When it repeatedly becomes a chore, then it will be time to stop. Is that time now. NO.


What now?

Let me take a few days. write a plan. Talk about the plan with the people I need to. Execute the plan because I want to and I’m motivated for the right reasons.

Running is something I do, not who I am. It's how I express myself and I do it because it makes me the best version of myself and don't you forget it!




June 28, 2021 — Oska Baynes

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