Greetings sports fans. We have been lucky weather-wise here in Christchurch over the last 5 days, being able to get outside for our mental and physical health. If you live near the hills, beach or parks especially good. For me being able to put my shoes on and run around the river here in Cashmere for 30 minutes a day has been good for my heart and head. I can run by my grandson's house and wave and say gidday, not quite the same as a hug, but maybe next week. I'm feeling fit and healthy.

My run along the river through the trees, lots of bird song,  on the dirt track and along the grass park near Hero's, lots of walkers and buggy pushing parents is nice to see, it's still disconcerting to notice the hint of fear in the masked ones, as I pass 2 meters apart. 

Oska has said to me he has been busy at the shop filling shoe orders all week. Great to be of service to you all. It's a bit lonely tho. I sure miss the time in the shop the last two weeks with Lynette, Sam, Tom, Kat, Judd, and Bailey being able to help my fellow runners, multi/sporters, walkers, and special customers get the best shoes possible for their endeavors. So my Mondays and Fridays have been filled with some spring cleaning around the house, reading, and watching La Vuelta on the tube.

I hope, shall i say, more relaxed guidance for our lives is forthcoming, so we can meet face to face to chat about our running dreams and goals at the Frontrunner Colombo.

August 27, 2021 — Oska Baynes


Mark Fuller said:

Love it JC. After I get over Auckland or if I have to choose plan B I will keep you in the loop as to what my aspirations/goals are for 2022.

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