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Person - Kat's Self Maintenance Routine

Kat's Self Maintenance Routine

Hi guys Kat here :) 

With all this spare time on your hands you now have NO excuse for skipping that recovery routine!
I will share my go-to routine for you to take ideas from (or just copy!)

You will need:
• Mat
• Foam Roller - all over muscle loosener
• Spikey Ball - fantastic for specific spots
• Winning attitude 😁

These exercises I like to do post run but you could also do them as part of your pre run routine as well.

1. Foam roller: each muscle group do 20-30seconds
-Calves, hamstrings, quads, ITB, lower back and upper back. I like to lay over the foam roller through my upper back for a good stretch!

2. Spikey Ball: Each section do 10- 20 seconds
-Glute max, Glute med and Piriformis.
-Proximal (upper) Hamstring attachment where it meets the Glute.
-TFL (muscle belly to the ITB) which can be located laterally to the hip bone.
Rhomboids (between the shoulder blades)

3. Stretches - hold 20-30 seconds 

Lower back - child's pose and thread the needle.
Person - Kat's Self Maintenance Routine

adductors (butterfly stretch)

Hamstrings, quads, glutes/hips

Person - Kat's Self Maintenance Routine
I have recorded these exercises in a neat little video for you on my instagram (@ktbugz14) if you would like demonstrations or to follow along!

Remember results come with consistency so it will take time- but stick it out and let me know how you are feeling in a week or so!

Good luck and have fun!

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