Well, who would have thought that a toddler who had no interest in walking until 18 months old would grow up to love running?


Hi, I’m Kim; I was that toddler!  I’m married to Mark and have two adult sons, and they are the best cheer squad I could ask for.  Our family also consists of a couple of dogs, cats, Stan and Hilda (goldfish) and their offspring – too many to count.


Here is a quick glimpse about me:

  • Animal lover
  • Keen gardener
  • I can get lost in a carpark, so imagine what I’m like on the trails.
  • Currently run in Hoka Bondi
  • Enjoy reading a good thriller or crime story.
  • A good cup of English Breakfast tea is the best way to start my day.
  • A chip sandwich is my food of choice the night before a race.


My love of running didn’t start until I was in my late 20s, although I had given the 80s leg warmer a good workout at the gym. I entered my first City to Surf in 1996, I only entered as a group of friends planned to run it, and I loved it! The runner's high should be bottled. It is a ‘thing’. My whole well-being improved when I was out running. Running is my happy place, and it's my time and time to catch up with friends and meet new ones.


There were periods when running was not feasible due to family, injury, and work obligations. However, I eventually ran two marathons in Melbourne, one of which was shortly after my 50th birthday. Training for the marathon helped me maintain my sanity while living abroad, and I made lifelong friendships.


In 2021 I was recovering from a knee injury. I had just managed to tick off the magical 10k distance when I discovered I had skin cancer, surgery was followed by radiation treatment as the Cancer cells had invaded surrounding tissue. I decided life was too short not to give things a go and live life entirely.  This year I signed up to run the Tarawera 50k in February 2024.  To say I’m slightly nervous about this would be an understatement; I’m committed to going out there and enjoying the day, plus I've heard the aid stations are excellent.


Currently, I run with the Christchurch Marathon Clinic once a week; I hit the trails a couple of times a week and pound the pavements when I can, squeezing in some strength training to help with the creaks in my knees and stability on the trails.


It would be amazing to catch a glimpse of you out there, whether it's surrounded by nature on the trails or pounding the pavement, pursuing your passions.






July 20, 2023 — Oska Inkster-Baynes

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