Hello, I am Lahana!

Currently an Occupational Therapist working within Vocational Rehabilitation. Running is something that I’m incredibly passionate about and truly couldn’t imagine it not being such a big part in my life! I started running when I was 14, being dragged along by my speedy sister, not wanting to get left behind meant I had to jump on the running train and get involved (initially this involved plenty of complaints) however now I have truly grown to love the sport- the competitive nature against individual times, the team training aspects and all round social aspects of the sport! As I have got older I have definitely become more competitive and truly believe the reason I’m still solely in this sport  is the amazing people I have been sounded by!

Having made so many friends and having such a supportive coach (Craig Eustace) has really encouraged me to keep persevering and just enjoy my running journey!I don’t have a favourite spot to run (often will see me doing loops of Hagley or in the Christchurch hills) as long as I have some company I’m incredibly encouraged and satisfied in all my runs!

My biggest motivation has to come from my very determined sister- who has definitely set some high standards (being biologically the same, I often question when I’ll be as speedy haha) in all honesty my sister is one of my main drivers with running always encouraging me and showing me what I’m capable of and of course starting the competitive nature from birth!

Some of my recent successes include getting back into competing- last season was my first track season in 4 years and I truly left feeling so proud of myself, doing my biggest mileage, winning some races and getting PB's every race definitely left me wanting more!My favourite shoes would have to be my most used shoe, the ASICS gel Kayanos! Have been getting these for years!

I am truly so passionate about this sport and encouraging everyone along the way! I believe the most important factor within the sport is the support network you surround urself with! On that note I am incredibly excited to be apart of the Frontrunner Colombo Race team and really promoting such a massive part of the CHCH running scene (thank you Front runner for all that you do)

July 05, 2023 — Oska Inkster-Baynes

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