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The Battlers


"The Battlers" Ambassadors 

The Battlers application is our next Brand Ambassador Program. 

We're looking for two people starting their fitness and running journey who would like help to achieve the firsts steps and be happy to share the journey with our followers. Whether it is trying to run non-stop for 5km or simply commit to 3 days a week of moving.  

The Battlers will receive shoes fitted by us, clothing from pressio and help towards their goal. 

We are teaming up with a local Personal Trainer Aaron Shaskey who has a specific interest in running and adventures and Bodyfix to get the participants off to a good start. 

Bodyfix are offering our ambassadors 10 weeks free gym membership and Aaron is going to coach you with the overall program and 5 free one on one sessions. 

The PT will also oversee the 10 week program and be there to support you with us along the way. 

The participants must be Christchurch based and able to commit to the gym sessions. 3 half days of filming and have time for 3 handwritten blogs across the 10 weeks. From August 1st. (give or take a week) 

To apply fill then the google docs form in the link below

Apply here

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    I am booked to run the half marathon in November 2022. I am not a runner. I tried two years ago and managed the 10km. We are moving to Ashburton in a few weeks from Alexandra. The whole moving – selling and buying a house and changing jobs has messed the training plan. I am over weight, close to 60 but really want to run this one half marathon. It’s ten years since I ran a half

    Leanne Macdonald
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