We’ve put together a list of our favorite items heading into winter 2023. A list comprised of must-haves to make your way through the cold mornings, rain-soaked hills, and dark nights of training.


  1. Number one has to be my favorite recovery tool. Great for travel too and easily packed away the Roll Recovery R8+ Roller is there to iron out creaks all across your body. Replacing the traditional foam roller, I find it much easier to get into the smaller muscles. Pressure is easier to adjust and the rollers a firm enough to roll out all those knots.


  1. Number two on the list is a must-have for those frosty mornings. Pressio Thermal Running Tights are not only fantastic compression tight, but equipped with a brushed thermal liner to keep the cold at bay. While I wouldn’t recommend wearing tights in the rain, the colder frosty mornings are the perfect time to pull these tights out of the cupboard. 


  1. Number three is the Shokz bone conducting headphones. While running with headphones isn’t always a good idea. Using bone-conducting headphones means you can hear what is happening around you. Even better when it’s dark and harder to see out. Just to make sure you can hear those cars that come out of driveways a little too fast, the over-enthusiastic dog or mountain bike rider coming up behind. They are Bluetooth of course, come in two sizes, and link with your Garmin/Coros and phone.


  1. Number four and no winter list would be complete without a jacket. I’m a fan of a warm layer next to your skin and a windbreaker to keep the cold wind off your chest. The Asics Lite-Show Jacket is lightweight, breaks the wind, and lights up like a Christmas tree when oncoming cars have their lights on. Great for inner-city running


  1. Finally our number 5 is the humble arm warmer. Yes, this once triathlete-only accessory can be used by runners as well. Great for longer runs when it's cold out, but the temp is going to lift. They can be pulled down or off easily when wearing a vest rather than a long sleeve top. Gels can also be slid up the end for safekeeping. Check out the Pressio arm sleeves in store now.



May 21, 2023 — Oska Inkster-Baynes

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