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When coming for a shoe fitting, please bring your old shoes, any orthotics and your favourite socks. 
We offer a range of services from running shoe fittings to run technique sessions. With technology ranging from Dual Camera Analysis (Silicon Coach), Run Scribe (accelerometer) and Arion Hub (pressure innersoles). Each one offering a unique insight into your gait and the shoes. Shoe fittings are free and always will be, for the full 60 minute Run Technique session there is a $120 charge. 
Bookings can be made on the links below. When booking make sure you select a time using the little green square to the side on the booking pages. 


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Shoe Fitting

30 Minutes
Our specialty. Whether you run on the road or the trail we have over 300 options on the wall and experienced staff. Shoe fitting may involve video Gait Analysis or the use of Arion Hub. This generally takes 30 minutes.

Running Footwear is our thing. Specialty Footwear from all the major players. In widths and all half sizes so we can get your new shoes just right

30 Day Guarantee
Our 30 Day Guarantee on fitted footwear means you can take your new shoes for a run and if they haven't worked you can bring them straight back. As always there are some T&Cs so be sure to ask in store
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Arion Hub

Pressure Innersoles
Using unique pressure innersoles we can see how your foot is loading the footwear through your running and walking gait.

Who benefits.
Perfect for those working with a podiatrist and who want a better understanding of what is happening. Or those that have niggles they can't get on top of.
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Run Technique Assessment

60 Minute
The top dog of run assessments. Utilizing all the tools available to us we look in-depth into your running.

Who benefits?
For those looking to understand their running better. Make changes in efficiency and build a plan to gain economy.

What you get
Full assessment notes, Run Scribe data, and video files/screen shots.