Maurten Gel 100 Single Serve

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Type: Nutrition

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Maurten has quickly become a global powerhouse in the hydration game.  So why not the Gel game? Wait no more - The "World's First Energy Gel" is here!  Wait....the world's first?  Isn't there a ton of gels on the market now?  Maurten says - "We claim that Maurten ’s Gel 100 is the world's first energy gel. We know it's a bold statement. However, when you look at the energy gel-segment from a technical perspective, the products on the market are syrups, water with high carbohydrate concentration, with some salt and often added flavors. The instructions state that you should consume them with water. One could argue that they, technically, are not gels but rather syrups.  The Gel 100 however is something completely different, since it’s a hydrogel and the definition of a gel is a liquid in a solid medium."