FRRC and Team CP Run Club FAQ..


Welcome to another season of Run Club. This year events are well and truly back on the calendar. When we bought the store it was my dream to reach, help, educate and encourage runners and walkers of all abilities. To grow and participate in our locale events.


Frontrunner Colombo (owned by me, Oska) is Christchurch’s (and New Zealand’s) Running Specialty Store. Doing everything we can to have the best products, staff and knowledge we can to help everyone achieve their goals.


TeamCP lead by Richard Greer is one of New Zealand’s premier coaching services. With athletes competing and completing in many events from Running, Triathlon and Multisport.


Part 1 of this years Run Club starts on Tuesday 30th of Januray (with week one from the Frontrunner Colombo). Run Club will happen every Tuesday night (up until Christchurch Marathon weekend).

Every week a link to register will be placed (along with the planned workout) in the private facebook group. You can just rock up, but you will need to sign in using the TeamCP mindbody app for safety reasons. We will show people how to do this 


Weeks 1,4,7,10 and 13 are from the shop (Frontrunner Colombo, Sydenham Christchurch)

These runs are easy social runs from 30-50 minutes in pace groups using loops around the Heathcote River. Each group has a pace leader. Groups are paced from 4:30 per k to 7:30-8min per/k so we cater for all abilities.


30th of January -Week 1

20th of February – Week 4

12th March – Week 7

2nd of April – Week 10


Weeks 2, 5, 8, 11 we meet at the Park Run start in Hagley park for an interval type session.

We do these on a 1500m loop in North Hagley, there is a bathroom and people park in the gardens carpark. Intervals are based on time not distance and everyone does the same. These sessions include a coach lead warm up.


6th of February - Week 2

27th of February - Week 5

19th of March- Week 8

9th April - Week 11

16th of April - week 12 ( Course Reccie)

 This year on weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12, we are going to add another session on the hill. This will be 2-4 minute hill repeats up Hackthorne. For these we will meet at the Pioneer Sports Grounds, next to the bathrooms/Football Fields. Using the footpaths to jog to the hill as a warm up (1km). Hills are a great way to get strength and create better technique

13th of February - Week 3

5th of March – Week 6

26th of March – Week 9



Everyone is welcome and catered for.


Pace groups for our easy runs generally are but we have added more leaders

4:40 per k

5:15 per k

5:45 per k

6:15 per k

7:00 per k

+ a Walk run, back to run group too


Run Club rules…


No runner left behind, once you start in a pace group, you do not speed up and leave a fellow runner behind, our social runs are not a race.  


You must sign in on arrival.


If you are hurt you must inform the person in charge of your group who will report to me.


You are ultimately responsible for your own well-being, use traffic lights, stay aware and look after each other.


I will do my best to have the weeks runs up on Friday afternoon for the following week.


Oska and Richard..