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      Frontrunner Colombo's Performance Partnership Network

      We've worked hard to build our network of partners over the years and we wanted to be able to bring all those people, businesses and providers into one space. Now we have a place were you can find out who we work with and how they can help you achieve you goals.

      By being part of our Performance Partnership Network we do our best to give your clients the best service, product and resources we can to asset everyone in achieving their goals. If you are keen to start a relationship with us then reach out, we can find out if our values and ideas are a match!

      For the athletes out there, no matter what your goal is from 5km to 100 mile, Coast to Coast or Triathlon. Use this resource to give yourself the best possible chance of success.


      Team CP - Richard Greer
      Email -
      P3 Athletica - Jamie Scott
      Email -
      Flavio Vianna
      Email -

      Massage and Manual Therapy

      Wayne, Dawn and Dan
      Email -
      Back on Track Sports Massage - Katherine Camp
      Email -


      P3 Athletica - Jamie Scott 
      Email -
      Cushla Holdaway
      Email -


      Caden Shields
      Email -
      Fixed Physiotherapy 
      James and Jennifer
      Email -
      Leeston Physiotherapy 
      Emma, Paul and Sean
      Email -
      Physio Evolved - Kate Bryce
      email -

      Mental Skills

      Performance Wellbeing - John Quinn 
      Email -
      Performance Wellbeing - Maree Bowden
      Email -


      Muscle Joint - John Gibson
      Email -


      Sportsmed Podiatry
      Greg, Adele, Georgina and Loren
      Active Health - Simon Wheeler
      PodiatryMed - Kate Spence
      Complete Podiatry - Rebecca Gifford
      Feet n Motion - Nick Haley

      Sports Doctor

      ForteSports - Dr Tony Page
      Email -
      "We've spent years building a strong relationships with people we can trust. Through our own sports and talking to others, so reach out to any of these providers and achieve your goals"