Ruby Fresh Flow Wetsuits Womens

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We took the male design and reimagined the buoyancy requirements for the female form. The wet suit is not simply a resized male version.

The three points of difference are: Buoyancy • Warmth • Visibility

These three criteria are designed to create a more efficient swim posture, enhance comfort in colder water - to keep you warmer for longer or, to increase swim duration; and lastly - to be seen.

The Yamamoto #39 & #40 neoprene panels have been optimised for buoyancy at specific positions; flexibility in the arm and lats / shoulder blades; and ease of removal, especially across the heel. For those wanting really fast removal, the seams on the forearm and below the knee are taped overlength to allow further cropping of the suit to personal requirements.

Key Features

 Adjusted and refined sizing. Narrower women's specific wrist and lower forearm.

• New size model - The Womans Medium Goddess {WMG} 

• Ruby Fresh Grab Tab™ at base of zipper - to aid closing your wet suit. Grab the Tab with one hand, pull up the zip cord with the other. It's genius.

• Enhanced internal construction; New internal stitching design; Improved cut of the core Aerodome 5mm Bouyancy Tray™ Panel.

• Longer Velcro neck closing area to better allow for looser/tighter neck closure and adjust-ability making it easier to avoid neck rub.

• Coral Pink.

• Coral White for the minimalists amongst you...