Run Technique Assessment

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Want to better understand your running technique? 

Book our 60 minute Run Technique assessment. 

Utilizing our RunScribe System, Dual Camera Video Analysis and my passion for running we hope to help you get more efficient, make gains, and better understand how you move. 

What is Run Scribe?

RunScribe Gait Lab is a comprehensive gait analysis platform for running, walking, and hiking (coaches, podiatrists, physical therapists, gait labs, etc). By capturing data on both feet at every step, RunScribe provides a detailed view of gait mechanics in the lab or out in the wild.

How does video help?

By filming in multiple camera angles we can see how your body is moving from the back, side, and front. Helping us figure out any a-symmetries and imbalances. 

Hopefully resulting in you being able to move better!

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment ready to warm up.

Testing Protocol

1. Talk about goals and what you would like out of the session
2. Cover off any injuries or concerns
3. Spends 5/6 minutes getting comfortable on the treadmil
4. Attach RunScribes and Start Filming. (5 minute test)
(This tends to be at your average running pace unless we are trying to determine something going on at a higher speed).
5. Talk briefly over the data and video
6. Make any small changes and talk about where to from here
7. Follow up email